Shanghai University of Engineering Science was founded in1978, it is a technology-based full-time university,specializing in engineering, economics and management, arts and other subjects.School of Art and Design(the following referred to as the school) was founded in1998. It was established with the major of applied photography art in1978 and the Department of Advertising and Video Technology.In2013, it granted MFA school.It has been developed into a multi-disciplinary and characteristic school.

CurrentIy, there are more than 1,500 undergraduate students an campus. The school consists of five departments, five research institutes and a central lab. There are totally 80 faculties faculty members including 66 full-time teachers.Among them, 6 are professors, 12 associate professors,,over 81% of teachers have master or doctor degrees and over 29% have experiences of overseas study.

The school consists of eight majors i.e., product design, arts and technology, visual communication, photography, digital media design, environmental art design, industrial design, and advertising.The school also indudesfour MFA majors i.e., product and package design, exhibition and space environment design, fashion art design, digital media design,The school possesses several laboratories such as 3D printing lab, visual communication lab, photography lab, video editing and computer lab, as well as library of professionaI books.The total value reaches 19 miIlion RMB yuan.

Currently, teachers and students have accomplished over3,000 scientific researches and academic achievements,such as papers, designs, drawings, published monographs, textbooks,,collections, inventions and utility patents, and have won 3,000 prizes in the intemational and domestic competitions.The college possesses 11 laboratories and 63 cooperation bases outside school.