2023 International Industry and University Cooperation - Kyushu University of Technology Industry and University Cooperation Exchange Record


On July 28, 2023, with the flight to Fukuoka, Japan, taking off from Pudong Airport, the summer international industry university cooperation and exchange program of the School of Art and Design was suspended due to the impact of the COVID-19, and after four years, it resumed organizing students to study abroad.

This visit was led by two teachers from the Photography Department, Xie Tian and Shen Jie, who led 17 students from this major to the School of Art at Kyushu University of Technology in Japan (hereinafter referred to as Kyushu University of Technology) for a 15 day learning and exchange activity.

After the arrival of the group, they received a warm reception from the school. At the welcome meeting, Dean Kurita Rong of the Art College of Jiuchan University warmly welcomed everyone. Although it had been three years since the outbreak of the pandemic, both sides maintained good communication and exchange during this period. It was a great pleasure to see everyone during the first summer vacation after the recovery. We hope that all students and teachers can have a pleasant and meaningful 15 days in Japan. As a representative of the group, Teacher Xie Tian expressed great pleasure in leading students back to their alma mater after the recovery of the epidemic. Although it was four years later, everything on campus can still recall the learning scenes of that year. We hope that students can fully experience the photography atmosphere here during this time, establish good professional exchanges with Japanese students, and enhance their professional thinking and awareness.

During the visit, the group teachers had a friendly meeting with the principal of Kowloon University of Industry and Technology, Kitajima Kazuki. Firstly, the President of Kitajima warmly welcomed the visit of the group and inquired about the procedures and entry status of the group's visit to Japan. The group then introduced the learning arrangements for the student visit to the President of Kitajima and stated that during the epidemic period, both sides were able to maintain good communication and exchange with the assistance of the International Exchange Center and the School of Arts at the National University of Science and Technology, and successfully conducted online lectures with two teachers to Japanese students. After the recovery of the epidemic, we contacted us as soon as possible and actively assisted in handling the procedures for going abroad, providing very important assistance for the successful completion of this visit. We hope that both parties can continue to maintain and deepen the exchange content.

During the 15 day itinerary, the students visited the teaching facilities of Jiuchan University; Professor Shirase Junya gave a special lecture for the students; I have read a large collection of photographers' works in the library; By; Visit photography galleries and art galleries to observe and learn, communicate with photographers, visit Yomiuri Shimbun, and learn about the daily operations of Japanese news media; I have created photography in multiple locations such as Tokyo, Kumamoto, Yamaguchi, and Kajima, and have completed photo production and exhibitions on campus. I have experienced the complete process from creation to the landing of my works, and have gained a deeper understanding of the essence of photography.

The international exchange and cooperation between the School of Art and Design and Jiuchan University began in 1999. After years of planning and arrangement, in 2007, the college began to organize and dispatch students and professional teachers to jointly carry out summer overseas studies and academic exchanges. So far, more than 280 students and more than 30 teachers have participated in the project. At the 2019 Kyushu Polytechnic University International Exchange and Cooperation 20th Anniversary Exhibition, the works of over 20 teachers from the college were exhibited together with the works of teachers from universities such as East West University in South Korea. Over the years, the two sides have also formed a deep friendship through communication, and many students have developed an interest in continuing their professional studies in Japan after studying through this project. In recent years, up to 10 students have been admitted to master's or doctoral programs at Jiuchan University or other Japanese universities. During this visit, the group also had exchanges with two graduates who were taking exams in Tokyo.