International Forum | 2023 Design Creation under Cultural Interleaving Successfully Convened


On November 17th, the 2023 International Forum on Design Creation under Cultural Interleaving jointly organized by Shanghai University of Engineering Science and Shanghai Design Class IV Summit Discipline opened at our school's Songjiang Campus. This forum aims to share the cutting-edge design research of top experts and scholars, explore the international experience of design education, and further highlight the characteristics of our school's applied design discipline. Vice President Xia Chunming of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology attended the opening ceremony of this forum, where outstanding design researchers, designers, and educators from around the world gathered to share and discuss design issues from different cultural backgrounds, covering multiple fields and providing rich materials and inspiration for design innovation.

At the opening ceremony, Vice President Xia Chunming warmly welcomed all the guests. He pointed out that design is boundless, creating everything. In the current world's unprecedented great changes, grasping the changing trends of art and thought requires gathering the wisdom and strength of all parties. I hope to use this forum as an opportunity to build a high-level dialogue platform, share insights together, and also look forward to diverse artistic styles resonating and resonating with each other here, contributing to the construction of a new ecology in the international design industry.

The Dean of the School of Art and Design introduced the theme of this forum with high attention and emphasized that in the context of globalization, various design thinking will showcase the integration of different cultures and the new design concepts generated in this integration, which will inspire us and inspire our thinking. This forum will delve into the diversity, innovation, practicality, and internationalization of design, hoping to share design education experiences from different universities, exchange teaching concepts and methods, and jointly promote the development of design education.

This forum gathered experts from around the world and invited them to give keynote speeches. They shared their research results and ideas on topics such as automotive human-computer interaction systems, sustainable development, service design, urban renewal, traditional culture, generative design, and the trend of internationalization in higher design education.

This forum provides a high-level academic exchange platform for design scholars and graduate students at home and abroad, providing more ideas and experiences for design education. It is conducive to broadening horizons, integrating ideas, stimulating design innovation enthusiasm, actively promoting disciplinary and academic exploration, and injecting more vitality and possibilities into the development of design education.