The School of Art and Design successfully held a lecture on the double degree program at the University of Applied Technology in Germany, D é agendorf


In order to further promote cooperation with German applied universities and their alliances, and encourage students to study abroad for further studies, a dual degree program presentation was successfully held on the afternoon of October 20, 2023, in the teaching building F202, between Shanghai University of Engineering and German University of Applied Technology. The conference was delivered by Wang Qin, Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, and presided over by Zhu Mingjie, Director of the School of Art and Design. The conference coordinator Zhu Jiaqi and industrial design students participated.

At the lecture, Wang Qin first shared with the students the advantages of studying abroad, including improving academic level and professional skills, expanding international perspectives, and enhancing language proficiency. Secondly, a detailed introduction was given to the campus advantages, research focus, and geographical location of the University of Applied Technology, providing everyone with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the university. Finally, Wang Qin gave a key introduction to the admission requirements, teaching methods, project costs, and learning courses of the dual degree program. And shared the experiences of senior students who went abroad to study in the past, encouraging everyone to broaden their horizons, enrich their experiences, and improve their abilities while solidly learning professional knowledge. I hope interested students can think deeply and prepare early.


1. Project Introduction

Students who have completed their studies in the first two years at Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology with qualified grades and meet the admission requirements for the University of Applied Technology in Daigendorf will study mechanical engineering, robotics engineering (corresponding to mechatronics integration), and industrial design in Daigendorf for the next two academic years. Students from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology who complete the required course credits and meet the qualified standards in Daigendorf will receive a Bachelor of Engineering degree certificate issued by Daigendorf University of Applied Technology. On the basis of completing the required undergraduate thesis (design), students from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology will be awarded a bachelor's degree certificate and a bachelor's degree certificate in engineering after passing the assessment.

2. Admission requirements

Performance requirements: GPA 3.0 or above (total GPA of 4);

Language requirement: 4 * 4 or DSH2 for the TOEFL exam. Students who do not meet the German proficiency requirements will take German courses at the University of Applied Technology in D é agendorf.