Our school has successfully held a lecture on "Art, Form and Technology"

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To enhance students' ability to appreciate formal aesthetics, deepen their professional understanding and thinking, and expand their international perspective. On October 7th, our college held a lecture on Art, Form, and Technology. The lecture was taught by Professor Oksana Bulgakowa from the University of Mainz in Germany, and hosted by our college professor Ye Xiaoxian. The participating students mainly focused on digital media, as well as a large number of related majors and interested students.

The lecture takes the concept of form as the dimension and discusses Sergei Eisenstein and his idea of multi-layer forms as multi-layer consciousness imprints. Proposing art will activate and inspire observers to turn to another way of thinking, which is sensory thinking. Analyzed various rituals, practices, grammar and morphological structures, symbols. It deeply explores the patterns of logical and rational thinking exhibiting regularity, and extends to the dialectical unity of consciousness and unconsciousness in artistic form, which is the unity of consciousness and unconsciousness. The interaction between content and form is regarded as the interaction between reason and sensibility, where the two forces are in a dynamic balance and do not suppress each other in a perfect artwork. And explore the similarities between pre logical thinking and artistic techniques based on the thematic nodes and examples listed by Eisenstein.

Professor Bulgakowa not only focuses on theoretical teaching, but also places great emphasis on lecture communication and interaction. He not only has lively discussions and exchanges with everyone on topics such as dialectics of art and conscious mind, pre conscious and unconscious mind, but also plays corresponding video clips to deepen impressions and consolidate knowledge. The academic atmosphere of the lecture was strong, and students deeply reflected and summarized on Professor Bulgakowa's presentation, and actively provided feedback and communication after the lecture.