Our school has successfully held an international class mentor meeting and double selection meeting


In order to better promote international education, provide opportunities for international students to have face-to-face communication with their mentors, and choose their desired mentors, the School of Art and Design held a mentor meeting and mentor selection meeting on October 7th. The conference participants included Gao Jian, Dean of the School of Art and Design, Liu Jiang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Xu Jianghua, Vice Dean, Liu Qin, Vice Dean, Zhu Mingjie, Director of the Industrial Design Department, as well as other teachers present, such as Xu Guiping, Li Qi, Zhuang Yi, Zhu Jiaqi, and Li Jiali. The meeting was chaired by Cai Mengya, Deputy Director of the Department of Industrial Design.

At the meeting, Cai Mengya first introduced the research directions, achievements, and other teaching experiences of six international student mentors, facilitating students to understand their mentors. Subsequently, the paper version of the mentor's introduction was distributed to the students for a detailed understanding after the meeting. Afterwards, the students introduced their backgrounds, majors, and intended research directions, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with their supervisors on related issues. Some students also introduced their professional skills and research achievements, which were recognized and appreciated by the present mentors.

Finally, in order to provide students with a more specific understanding of the teaching style and laboratory equipment of each mentor, a Lab laboratory visit was also arranged. According to an international student who participated in the double selection meeting, I am very satisfied with the college's initiative. Through this double selection meeting, I have met many excellent mentors and classmates, and have a clearer understanding of my research direction and future development. Thank you to the college for arranging this meeting.

As an important measure for the construction of the first international class in our college, this mentor meeting and double selection meeting not only allow international students to have a clear understanding of the research situation of each mentor and make choices, but also enable the college to have a clearer understanding of the background and research abilities of international students, laying a solid foundation for the recruitment and training of international students in the future. In the future, the college will continue to promote the process of international education, continuously improve the quality and level of teaching, and provide better learning and development opportunities for international students.