School leaders offer condolences to newly enrolled international students


As the new semester begins, international students majoring in Design (Product Styling Art and Application Practice) with a Master's degree in English have gradually arrived at our school. They mainly come from countries such as Uganda, Liberia, Morocco, Ethiopia, and Pakistan. Their professional background is mainly in design, with some students having experience in China, and some students coming to China for the first time.

In order to better understand the living conditions of international students in our college, listen to their daily learning, and answer their questions and doubts, on September 22nd, Secretary Li Yunxian, Vice Dean Xu Jianghua, Director Zhu Mingjie, Teacher Su Pengyuan, and Teacher Zhu Jiaqi of the college went to the international student dormitory to have face-to-face communication with them and convey care and concern to them. They kindly inquired about the living and learning situation of international students, understood their cultural background, and expressed the hope that international students can use their spare time to experience and experience Chinese culture more, make future learning plans, and continue to make due contributions to friendly exchanges between China and foreign countries. At the same time, Professor Zhu Mingjie, the head of the department, kindly informed them of the recent study arrangements of the college, hoping that they would be well prepared for the selection of future mentors. International students are grateful for the care of the college and the careful care of the teachers, and have expressed their joy in studying and living at the School of Art and Design.

It is reported that since May this year, under the leadership of the school, our school has actively organized interviews for international students in accordance with regulations, including four batches before and after. At the same time, our school actively updates the teaching environment, replacing door signs and some slogans with bilingual Chinese English translations, introducing a new batch of teaching equipment, and striving to provide the best learning environment for international students to help them grow and learn in China. Our college will continue to be committed to providing comprehensive support and assistance to them, and make unremitting efforts to build a learning oriented college full of inclusiveness and multiculturalism.